Neon Rainbow Birthday Cake

I have such a fun post to share with you! Neon Rainbow Birthday Cake, need I say more?

This cake was SO much fun to make, but a whole lot on the messy/time-consuming side. I would not recommend it to anyone with 1) small kitchen space, 2) only a few hours to spare, 3) a perfectionist streak, and 4) an aversion to overly sweet desserts. This cake was super sweet, y’all. Think sugar-cookie sweet. However, I thought it was perfect for a birthday cake, and especially this one. It tasted like a rainbow. Seriously.

I adapted the recipe from a cute blog by The Flourishing Foodie, here.

My best-friend and roommate was turning 22 and I wanted to make something fun and colorful. I was really dying to try my hand at a multi-colored, layer cake ever since they’ve popped up on the blog scene and become all the rage. This recipe looked simple enough, and for the most part was easy to follow.

However, I did alter a few things: Seeing as the recipe called for TWELVE egg-whites, (who has that many eggs to spare? what do you do with the leftover egg yolks?) I bought a carton of egg-whites instead of individually separating each egg. So I measured out enough egg whites for 12 eggs, then panicked when I realized that’s WAY too much, frantically asked my friend to do some math cause I’m really bad at it, realized that I only need about half the amount of egg whites in my bowl, scooped a cup out, and went on with my life. Don’t be like me. Just separate your own dang egg-whites.

Anyway, the recipe also cut down the cake to six inch circles using a cardboard cut-out. Needless to say, I didn’t feel like that was necessary. (Why would I make a cake smaller? What would I do with all that leftover, yummy cake?) So I baked them in 8 inch pans and left them that way. This cake was massive, friends. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Also, I used neon food coloring because… well, why not? The layers were vibrant and beautiful. I used about 50 drops of food coloring for each layer. (Each layer was about a cup and a half of cake batter.)

I also had to double the recipe for the icing because I used the entire 8 inch layers. Even after doubling the recipe, I ran out of icing for the sides. I’m actually glad I ran out because I love that you can see the colors from the outside. And the cake was plenty sweet enough without the extra icing.

If you’re feeling daring and have a sweet friend to celebrate, try this cake!

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