Book Reviews

As my tagline says, I’m quite the bookworm. I have been devouring books whole ever since I could read, a fact my parents could absolutely vouch for considering they were the ones encouraging my love of reading and buying me an endless supply of books. History to science fiction, classical literature to fantasy, my tastes are varied and by no means exclusive. I just love a good page-turner, simple as that! Recently, I’ve become pretty obsessed with cookbooks. I could spend hours just going over recipe after recipe, enjoying the pictures and deliciously inspired ideas. This borderline-obsessive tendency does not come by me naturally. My mom and grandmother are both avaricious readers as well, and we pass books around like our own little lending library. Their constant support and encouragement, as well as a few other prompts from my loyal readers, has spurred me to add this little section to A Slice of Bri.

I am by no means a certified food or book critic. I simply love cooking and reading, and most importantly enjoy when those two activities come together. So, just for fun and to maybe assist you on your next bookstore shopping-spree, I’ll be reviewing, more like discussing, the newest acquisitions to my ever-expanding bookshelf. My goal is to inspire you, sometimes educate you, but most essentially to share my passion for the written word and the magical, life-changing experiences that come with it. As always, thanks for stopping by A Slice of Bri 🙂


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